The D Koolektiv d.o.o. company was established in 2005. By taking over the KAY-T® trademark during that same year, the company became one of the biggest manufacturers of promotional textiles in Slovenia.

Over the years, we have accumulated extensive experience and have developed into a company that is now serves customers in various areas and is divided into five segments:

  • production and sale of promotional textiles;
  • sale of promotional gifts;
  • production of hotel and restaurant textiles;
  • production of corporate clothing;
  • printing and embroidery of textiles.



Promotional textiles programme

The programme includes: shirts (t-shirts and polo shirts), shirts (short and long sleeves), aprons, fleece programme (caps, scarves, gloves, etc.), fleece jackets, cardigans and vests, softshell jackets and vests, pants, jackets, hoodies, different top garments, clothing for hostesses and promoters, etc.


Hotel and restaurant textiles programme

  • Table linen products: tablecloths (square and round), top cloths, place mats, serviettes and napkins, runners, bread baskets, chair covers, etc..
  • Bed textiles/bedding: bed linen (for all bed dimensions), bed spreads, bed sheets, pillows (anti-asthmatic and anti-allergic, washable at up to 90 ⁰C (194 ⁰F)), quilts, mattress covers with memory foam (for guests who want softer beds, mattress protectors, etc.
  • Bathroom textiles: towels, bath mats, bathrobes, Terry gloves for bathing, etc.


Corporate clothing programme  – uniforms for

  • hostesses and promoters;
  • waitresses and waiters;
  • hotel receptionists; 
  • cooks;
  • bell boys;
  • porters and doormen;
  • kitchen assistants;
  • medical staff;
  • staff at counters;
  • staff at reception desks and offices;
  • employees at spas and wellness centers;
  • all employees for whom a uniform appearance of the clothing is required;
  • etc.

The programme comprises: shirts, blouses, jackets, trousers, waistcoats, blazers, skirts, cardigans, sweaters, vests, ties, bow ties, scarves, etc.



Our main advantages are:

  • our own production facilities (own sewing shop);
  • our own facilities for printing on textile (our own print shop);
  • our own capacities for embroidering textile products;
  • our own design division (where we produce designs for our clients and, when required, prepare collections of their products);
  • production of tailor-made textile products according to the wishes and designs of our clients;
  • we do not require minimum order quantities;
  • we use highest quality materials;
  • we use materials/fabrics made in Europe (wherever possible, which means in 70 to 90% of the cases);
  • we use eco and organic materials/fabrics (where possible);
  • quality of manufacture;
  • observance of deadlines;
  • creation of finished products (“turn-key solutions”);
  • delivery to the client's address; 
  • the final product is labelled “Made in Slovenia / Made in EU”.

In addition to manufacturing proprietary promotional and other textile products, our company is also the authorised distributer and dealer for the following brands:



Because our company focuses on expansion and development, we introduced a few new items to our sales programme in 2014 as well, i.e.:


1. We became the authorised distributor and dealer for the B-RECYCLED® trademark of handmade belts that are made from recycled bicycle tyres. We cover the following countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.


2. We became the authorised distributor and dealer of CANDOLA® table lamps.  . 

The special features of the lamp include:

  • the fuel does not contain wax, but rather a special oil that does not leave stains or marks if spilled;
  • the mineral oil can have the “Mosquito-Stop” additive included that repels mosquitoes and other insects (and is odourless);
  • the oil burns without releasing soot;
  • the flame goes out immediately if the lamp is tipped over;
  • the lamp burns longer than any candle;
  • the lamp emits a warm, natural light.

The lamp is available in different shapes and sizes.