Tampoprint (pad printing or tampography)

(printing of ballpoint pens, fobs, USB flash drives, planners, clocks, plastic, lighters, etc.)

Tampo printing is a technique that uses a silicon pad to transfer ink from a cliché to the item being printed. This technique allows us to print onto round objects and surfaces that are not completely straight (ballpoint pens, pencils, lighters, etc.).

Our company can print 2-colour images on various products and materials using the tampo print technique.


  • High-level resolution allowing precise imprinting of very small motifs.
  • Contrast colours and precision of the imprint that is comparable to offset printing in terms of quality.
  • Extremely good resistance to UV light, which makes it suitable for even the most highly exposed surfaces.


We can also print on materials such as metal, glass, leather, artificial materials, wood and PVC.